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Hydrant Use Permitting

In order to maintain the public water system so that all the distribution system and facilities are available to meet emergency needs, it is important that the Seneca Light & Water restrict the use of fire hydrants. Connections to fire hydrants located on water lines in the distribution service area shall be prohibited except by authorization of Seneca Light & Water in writing under the Hydrant Use Policy. Fire hydrant permits are issued pursuant to the operating rules of Seneca Light & Water and are subject to the Seneca Light & Water Engineering Standards.

There are two different type of hydrant permits Seneca Light & Water may issue:

  • Extended construction use (Metered)
  • Bulk usage (Water hauling vehicles)

Seneca Light & Water will charge a Security Deposit for the meter assembly, fire hydrant & water system in general. The deposit will be refunded pending equipment or system damages due to operation.

City Ordinance: Section 25-155:
Hydrants - Unauthorized opening, etc., of street water hydrants. It shall be unlawful for any person to open the street water hydrants and use or waste water therefrom, except in case of fire or with the consent of the company owning same. (Code 1960, 22-27)

Extended Construction Use

Permit application, renewal and meter lease

A ¾” or 3” meter owned by the Seneca Light & Water must be leased from the Cross Connection Control Supervisor at the time of issuance of a Hydrant meter lease agreement. The leased equipment will include:

  • Hydrant Meter
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly

Each meter and assembly will have been calibrated and tested for accuracy and to ensure full functionality.

Security Deposits

  • A security deposit shall be collected upon issuance of a Hydrant Meter Rental Agreement. The deposit shall be retained for the term of the rental. Check with the Seneca Light & Water Customer Service Department for rates and payments. 864-885-2723
  • Upon the account closing, the condition of the meter will be evaluated. Any service required as well as damages to fire hydrant and/or water system due to improper hydrant operation, will be itemized and deducted from the deposit. Return of the deposit along with any itemization will occur within 60 days of the account closure. Interest shall not be considered for any hydrant meter deposits.


The meter and register shall be calibrated to near 100% accurate. It is important that meter and register not be damaged. Any damage will be noted by Seneca Light & Water personnel upon retrieval. Any repair costs, above normal wear, will be deducted from the security deposit.

This temporary connection to the public water system is a potential source of contamination. Each meter assembly includes a properly working and tested backflow device when issued to the account holder. If the meter is kept more than a year, it is the account holder’s responsibility to have the backflow device tested and the paperwork submitted to the Cross Connection Supervisor. If the double check valve assembly is found to not be in good working order, or it has not been tested within one year, the applicant will be given the opportunity to repair and test the backflow device. If refused, the meter will be removed, the deposit will be forfeited and the account closed.

The applicant is responsible for damages to the fire hydrant, water system, private property, and/or personal injury which could occur due to the extreme pressure and volume of water which is produced through a fire hydrant.

Usage is subject to the following provisions:

  • Hydrant meter shall be attached to 2 ½” outlet of hydrant.
  • Hydrant shall be fully turned on during use.
  • All trucks are to fill up at the hydrant where SL&W installed the meter. If the permittee needs the hydrant moved to a different hydrant location a SL&W employee must move and do initial install & inspection.
  • Hydrant wrenches only shall be used to turn on and off, not a pipe wrench.
  • Hydrant unit shall remain attached only when in use, and can be removed by permittee ONLY if placed on the hydrant it was removed from. The hydrant shall be returned to operating condition at the end of the day for fire use.
  • After completion, unit shall be inspected “on site” by the Cross Connection Supervisor.

Account Closure

The permittee must contact the Cross Connection Supervisor for an “on site” inspection and removal of the assembly. A test will check for breakage, other than normal wear, and proper operation. Once the assessment is complete, the permittee will be able to make arrangements for any final fees and the account can be closed. The deposit will be returned to the address listed on the account, less any damages noted on the “Date Removed section” of the Hydrant Meter Rental Agreement.

Location of Hydrants for Use

This will be determined by the Cross Connection Supervisor during the initial installation of the hydrant meter assembly.

Cold Weather Usage

During operations where freezing temperatures may be expected, the applicant shall be responsible for closing the hydrant valve, draining, as well as removing the hydrant meter from the fire hydrant being used each day that the hydrant meter is in place.

Changes in permit or meter ownership

This permit is issued to the permittee for specific activities, to a specific user. This permit shall not be sold, traded, assigned, transferred, or sublet.

Bulk Water Usage

Bulk water purchases are a privilege and NOT a right. Customers who desire to purchase bulk water usage with-in a Seneca Light & Water distribution area must follow the steps below.

Steps to Obtain a Bulk Usage Permit

  • The Seneca Light & Water Cross Connection Control Supervisor shall inspect the water hauling vehicle.
  • Upon approval of inspection the applicant will be required to:
    • Sign a Hydrant Usage Policy Waiver (first time only)
    • Fill out a Hydrant Usage Permit Application
  • The permittee will then take the Hydrant Usage Permit Application to Seneca Light & Water Customer Service for payment of deposit and establishing of an account.
  • The Seneca Light & Water Hydrant Use sticker showing date of inspection and account number WILL be placed on the water hauling vehicle that was issued a permit. If Permittee has more than one water hauling vehicle that will be using a Seneca Light & Water fire hydrant, permittee MUST acquire a separate inspection and pay another deposit for each water hauling vehicle.
  • The account will be billed monthly a pro-rated fee. Water used, documented on the water use log, will NOT be billed by usage, but is needed for Seneca Light & Water to complete the DHEC annual water audit.
  • The account can be closed after the Cross Connection Supervisor signs off on the Account Closure Approval Form and permittee turns in the water usage log.

Truck Inspection

Each water hauling vehicle MUST be inspected by a Cross Connection Supervisor before a permit is issued. During the inspection the Cross Connection Supervisor will obtain the following information:

  • Backflow protection equipment
  • Applicant's billing information
  • Water hauling vehicle information (license plate and SCDOT number, tank size, etc.)

Once a water hauling vehicle inspection has been completed and approved and a water use log is issued, the completed application must be taken by the permittee to the Seneca Light & Water Customer Service Department for payment, have an account established and be issued two magnets.

The magnets shall be kept on ONLY the permitted water hauling vehicle for the duration of the hydrant usage permit and must be clearly visible at all times.

Hydrant Usage Cost

The permittee's name on the account will be billed monthly. Upon return of the magnets, water use log, any possible damages noted and a signed Account Closure Approval Form, the account can be closed or made in-active.


  • Each individual water hauling vehicle MUST have its own Hydrant Usage Permit and magnet.
  • Seneca Light & Water requires an air gap on all water hauling vehicles.
  • Absolutely no water hauling vehicle shall obtain a Hydrant Usage Permit without proper backflow protection.

Usage of a Fire Hydrant may be revoked if the following is not met

  • Hydrant shall be fully turned on when filling water hauling vehicle.
  • All trucks are to fill up at an approved Seneca Light & Water hydrant.
  • Only hydrant wrenches shall be used to turn on and off (not a pipe wrench).
  • Hydrant unit shall remain attached ONLY when in use.
  • The permittee is responsible for damages to fire hydrant, water system, private property, and/or personal injury which could occur due to the extreme pressure and volume of water which is produced through a fire hydrant.
  • If backflow protection is altered and/or removed from water hauling vehicle at any time, the Hydrant Usage Permit becomes void and the deposit is forfeited. A new permit may be applied for after backflow protection is returned to Seneca Light & Water specifications.

Location of Hydrants for Use

Seneca Light & Water has designated hydrants for use with Hydrant Usage Permit approval.

Cold Weather Usage

During operations when freezing temperatures are expected, the permittee shall be responsible to close the hydrant valve completely, and remove any gate valve from the hydrant.

Changes in permit or meter ownership

This permit is issued to the permittee for specific activities, to a specific user and for a specific water hauling vehicle. This permit shall not be sold, traded, assigned, transferred, or sublet.


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