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Backflow Prevention (Cross-Connection Control)

The Backflow Prevention Program was established and implemented in 1985 to protect SL&W's potable water system from contamination and/or pollution due to cross-connection issues. Backflow contamination is a serious plumbing problem that can cause sickness and even death. Backflow can cause contaminates in the potable water distribution system from domestic, industrial, or institutional piping systems with an improperly protected cross-connections system.

Backflow Prevention Assembly installations must meet requirements set by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC-DHEC), Southern Building Code Congress International's Standard Plumbing Code (SBCCI Current Version) and the City of Seneca Light & Water Department (SL&W).

A list of approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies can be obtained by contacting SL&W's Cross-Connection Control Department. Backflow Prevention Assemblies are listed by SC-DHEC's approval.

We strongly recommend contacting SL&W's Cross-Connection Control Department to verify a particular assembly is approved for use before its purchase and installation.

In response to the changes in water safety regulations and industry technology SL&W Cross-Connection Control Department requirements are subject to change. These requirements are updated periodically, and it is the owners' responsibility to possess the most current revision of these requirements.

The Seneca Light & Water Cross-Connection Control Department deems any Actual or Potential connection between the public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution as a hazard and will require a testable backflow device. The Cross-Connection Control Supervisor will notify you as to which of the devices noted in this Procedure Manual will best protect the potable water of the Seneca Light & Water. Not meeting these compliances with-in a suitable time frame will result in disconnection of the service in question until the device is installed and tested.


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