Sanitation Department

Garbage Collection Days

To see which day garbage is collected for your street, type your street name into the search box below. You can also view this detailed PDF of sanitation routes and collection days.

Street (Address Block)Pick-Up Day
Providence Point DrMonday
Ridgeline CtMonday
Ravens View DrMonday
Wynrose PlMonday
Providence Ridge DrMonday
Providence CtMonday
E Main StMonday
Rouda StMonday
Mulwee StMonday
N Bearden StMonday
223 Goddard AveMonday
Allen StMonday
N Hunter StMonday
S Stribling StMonday
Rutledge CtMonday
Moss StMonday
Inglewood CtMonday
Jones AveMonday
E South 6th StMonday
Coleman StMonday
Summit StMonday
S McCarey StMonday
Linda DrMonday
Overbrook DrMonday
Asbury DrMonday
Rectory DrMonday
S Cherry StMonday
E South 1st StMonday
Williams StMonday
Pitts AveMonday
Elm StMonday
Mimosa StMonday
Almond AveMonday
Western CirMonday
Sherard StMonday
Sloan StMonday
Perry AveMonday
Holland AveMonday
Tribble StMonday
Kilpatrick StMonday
S Walnut StMonday
E South 4th StMonday
E South 5th StMonday
E South 3rd StMonday
E South 2nd StMonday
Curley Grant RdMonday
Kilpatrick RdMonday
Gamble DrMonday
Dog Let LnMonday
High Bluff RdMonday
Boulders DrMonday
Tumble Stone DrMonday
Split Oak CirMonday
Brook Hollow DrMonday
Grady Rogers CtMonday
Oglesby LnMonday
Cross Creek DrMonday
Deadwood LoopMonday
Chatham DrMonday
Three Iron DrMonday
Championship DrMonday
Driver CtMonday
Club DrMonday
Rocky Creek DrMonday
Ashford Bluff DrMonday
Turnberry LoopMonday
Oleander TrlMonday
Tralee LnMonday
Whitebark DrMonday
Smoak Pond RdMonday
Stone Post RdMonday
Barn Hill DrMonday
Fenwick CtMonday
Spy Glass LnMonday
Thorn Hill LnMonday
Grey Oaks DrMonday
Shinnecock HillMonday
Feathery LnMonday
Copperhead HillMonday
Woodduck DrMonday
Rosedown DrMonday
Dye DrMonday
Bogey BlvdMonday
Eagles View DrMonday
Club View DrMonday
E South 1st StTuesday
W South 2nd StTuesday
E South 2nd StTuesday
W South 1st StTuesday
W South 3rd StTuesday
E South 3rd StTuesday
W South 4th StTuesday
E South 4th StTuesday
W South 5th StTuesday
E South 5th StTuesday
W South 6th StTuesday
E South 6th StTuesday
W South 7th StTuesday
E South 7th StTuesday
S Pine StTuesday
W Quincey RdTuesday
S Oak StTuesday
S Oak StTuesday
S Fairplay StTuesday
Julian DrTuesday
Daniel AveTuesday
Boggs DrTuesday
Vinda DrTuesday
Bell DrTuesday
Mitchell DrTuesday
Monte Video DrTuesday
S Townville StTuesday
S Depot StTuesday
E Greenbriar LnTuesday
Fairfield DrTuesday
S Hillcrest DrTuesday
Pine Forest CirTuesday
Foxcreek CtTuesday
Copeland DrTuesday
Chesswood DrTuesday
E South 8th StTuesday
S Cherry StTuesday
S Walnut StTuesday
S Lawrence AveTuesday
Woodland DrTuesday
W Crescent DrTuesday
E Crescent DrTuesday
Mormon Church RdTuesday
Hagood DrTuesday
Sherwood DrTuesday
Robinhood DrTuesday
Scarlett StTuesday
Willow Tree LnTuesday
Beech DrTuesday
Overbrook DrTuesday
Elaine DrTuesday
Pleasant DrTuesday
Evergreen CirTuesday
Shadow LnTuesday
Sanders DrTuesday
Inlet DrWednesday
N Debra StWednesday
Worth StWednesday
ByPass 123Wednesday
Nimmons CirWednesday
Debra StWednesday
Evelyn DrWednesday
E North 1st StWednesday
W Clemson StWednesday
Pelfrey StWednesday
Carter StWednesday
Enterprise LnWednesday
Merrimac CirWednesday
Ironside CirWednesday
Yorktown DrWednesday
Midway CtWednesday
Loran Pointe CirWednesday
Hughes StWednesday
West Bay DrWednesday
Old Salem RdWednesday
Northside CirWednesday
Century Plaza DrWednesday
Harvey DrWednesday
English CtWednesday
Radnorshire RdWednesday
Oakmont Valley TrlWednesday
Lindsay RdWednesday
Meadowbrook DrWednesday
Carolina AveWednesday
Warren DrWednesday
Allison DrWednesday
Mauldin DrWednesday
Oakway DrWednesday
Scott DrWednesday
Andrew DrWednesday
Creek DrWednesday
Bergen StWednesday
Ridge DrWednesday
Thomas Heights CirWednesday
Ramsey StWednesday
Ware StWednesday
Fairoaks CirWednesday
N Stribling StWednesday
Willow StWednesday
Towe StWednesday
Skyland DrWednesday
N Cherry StWednesday
Jordan StWednesday
E Main StWednesday
Dogwood DrWednesday
Vinson StWednesday
Holleman StWednesday
E Grady StWednesday
W South 4th StWednesday
Malibu CtWednesday
Maple Grove RdWednesday
Videra LnWednesday
Tamarack DrWednesday
Emerald RdWednesday
Nellwood DrWednesday
Clydesdale RdWednesday
N Old Mill RdWednesday
Oak Knoll CtWednesday
Clydesdale RdWednesday
Perkins Creek RdWednesday
McKinley CtWednesday
Buchanan TrlWednesday
Madison Pointe DrWednesday
Lincoln Terrace DrWednesday
E Perkins Creek RdWednesday
Kathmaette DrThursday
Houston StThursday
King James RdThursday
Leila StThursday
Ploma DrThursday
Dalton RdThursday
Loba CtThursday
Fiddlers WayThursday
Jamesway DrThursday
Rocky Ridge CirThursday
Queen StThursday
B Minor StThursday
Julius StThursday
Horseshoe DrThursday
Hillsborough DrThursday
W Quincy RdThursday
Pinecrest DrThursday
Ben Hilda DrThursday
Doug Berry DrThursday
Adams StThursday
W South 6th StThursday
Sunrise LnThursday
W South 5th StThursday
Pine StThursday
Code CirThursday
Scotland RdThursday
W South 3rd StThursday
W South 2nd StThursday
W South 1st StThursday
Chantilly CirThursday
S Poplar StThursday
Bruce Hill BlvdThursday
Hawk BlvdThursday
Millie LnThursday
Abbott StThursday
Hogan StThursday
June StThursday
Leland StThursday
Rolling Hills DrThursday
Livingston CirThursday
Dalezel LnThursday
Haynes StThursday
Circle DrThursday
Seneca DrThursday
Peterson RdThursday
Melody LnThursday
Cove View CtThursday
Winterberry LnThursday
Robin DrThursday
Morningside DrThursday
Lee LnThursday
N Pine StThursday
Lloyd StThursday
Prince StThursday
N Townville StThursday
N Walnut StThursday
Eagles Nest DrThursday
Whitehead DrThursday
N Walnut StThursday
Hawthorne LnThursday
Willow Creek CirThursday
Laurel LnThursday
Maple AveThursday
Karen DrThursday
N Depot StThursday
N Townville StThursday
Rackley AlyThursday
E North 4th StThursday
E North 5th StThursday
N Fairplay StThursday
N Oak StThursday
E North 2nd StThursday
W Railroad StThursday
N Poplar StThursday
Cary DrThursday
Cheryl StThursday
W North 3rd StThursday
N Chestnut StThursday
Arnold StThursday
W North 4th StThursday
W North 3rd StThursday
E North 3rd StThursday
N Cherry StThursday
W North 2nd StThursday
Grey Fox LnThursday
W Rochester StFriday
Lumpkin StFriday
Yarid StFriday
W North 1st StFriday
Camelot DrFriday
Angus RunFriday
Big Barn CtFriday
Cedar Post CtFriday
Sisters WayFriday
Silo AlyFriday
Mountain View DrFriday
Jantzen CtFriday
Knollwood DrFriday
Sandra LnFriday
Shea LnFriday
Sullivans WayFriday
Woodcreek DrFriday
Foxfire CtFriday
Victorian LnFriday
Professional Park DrFriday
N Lyndsey PtFriday
Hillandale RdFriday
Oak Branch CtFriday
Red Cardinal RdFriday
Mockingbird StFriday
Bobolink CtFriday
Point RdFriday
Shorecrest DrFriday
Cayuga CtFriday
Bobolink DrFriday
Bluebird CtFriday
Pine Cliff DrFriday
Harbor DrFriday
Round Spinney DrFriday
Hilltop DrFriday
Lakeview DrFriday
Hillcrest CtFriday
Keese DrFriday
Westwind CtFriday
Breezy PtFriday
Cardinal DrFriday
Whippoorwill DrFriday
Heritage PtFriday
Waterford DrFriday
Northampton RdFriday
Barron CtFriday
Weschester CirFriday
Northampton DrFriday
Hagood DrOutside


location Location:
298 E South 1st St.
Seneca, SC 29678
hours Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:00AM - 3:30PM


Ernest Beck
Recycling Coordinator:
Donnie White
Street Supervisor:
Stephen Wilbanks
Administrative Assistant:
Janice Cobb


phone Phone:
email Email:
mailing-address Mailing:
P.O. Box 4773
Seneca, SC 29679

Contact Info

221 E North 1st St. Seneca, SC 29678

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