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Communications Division

The Communications Division is usually the first voice you will hear when contacting law enforcement or dialing 9-1-1. The women and men of the Communications division are trained to remain calm and composed while dealing with highly stressed individuals. Their duty is to receive information from the public and transmit it to the appropriate department, be it police, fire, or EMS. The Communications Division is the epitome of multi-tasking. They must speak with emotionally distraught individuals, glean all pertinent information, and pass it along to the necessary recipient, all while answering multiple phones and radios. Dispatchers are rarely seen but they are an integral part of the Seneca Police Department.

Angela Chastain
Angela ChastainCommunications Directorachastain@senecapd.com
Jennifer Heller
Jennifer HellerDispatcherjheller@senecapd.com
Hanna Lyles
Hanna LylesDispatcherhlyles@senecapd.com
Haley Eller
Haley EllerDispatcherheller@senecapd.com
Tracy Payne
Tracy PayneDispatchertpayne@senecapd.com
Nikki Lewis
Nikki LewisDispatchernlewis@senecapd.com
Laura Adams
Laura AdamsDispatcherladams@senecapd.com
Michelle Kanagy
Michelle KanagyDispatchermkanagy@senecapd.com
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth ScottDispatcherescott@senecapd.com


location Location:
205 N Depot St.
Seneca, SC 29678
mailing-address Mailing:
P.O. Box 4773
Seneca, SC 29679


Casey Bowling
Jeremy Rothell
BJ McClure


Contact Info

221 E North 1st St. Seneca, SC 29678

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