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"Cemeteries are an important feature of South Carolina's diverse heritage. In addition to marking the final resting places of our ancestors, they yield information about our state's social, religious, artistic, and cultural heritage. They also contain genealogical information that cannot be found anywhere else."
- SC State Archives and History

Oak Grove Cemetery is the oldest known public African American cemetery in Oconee County. The inactive historic cemetery is managed and maintained by the City of Seneca. Among the many loved ones buried at Oak Grove are veterans dating back to World War I.
Improvement plans are ongoing for the property.

Mountain View Cemetery is an inactive historic cemetery managed and maintained by the City of Seneca. It dates back to the Civil War era and in 1933, a stone gateway was built by the United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapter Grays of Oconee County and dedicated to the "Men of the Confederacy who gallantly defended the southland during the war between the states [1860-1865]."

South Carolina State Laws
There are numerous South Carolina laws governing cemeteries. The following are of particular interest to those concerned with preserving and protecting historic cemeteries:


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