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Work Session Agenda

The. Seneca City Council will have a work session on Monday, February 3,2014 in
the City Hall Council Chambers at 6:00 pm. The agenda for the meeting will be as

1. Invocation
2. State Revolving Fund
3. Strickland Preservation Group Committee
4. 923 & 924 E Main Street-R-6 to NC
5. Kellett Update
6. Fishing Tournament
7. HAT Requests
8. Old Business
9. New Business
10. Adjournment

Immediately following the work session, the City Council will have a Special
Called Council Meeting
. The agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

A. Mayor Alexander and Council-Questions/Comments from Press and Public

B. Recommendations
Strickland Preservation Group Committee
Hat Requests
Fishing Tournament

C. City Attorney-Mike Smith
Executive Session---Legal matter concerning property
Contractual matter - Wellness Plan

D. Old Business

E. New Business

F Adjournment

***to be distributed at the meeting or you may download at Council Documents

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