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Seneca: The Art Project

Student Faces smiling at Seneca City Hall
Student faces are now smiling in downtown Seneca. Across the street from both City Hall on N.E. 1st Street and from Norton-Thompson Park on Main Street, Seneca High School students have decorated the former Kimbrell’s store front. Now instead of seeing furniture, you can see students’ artwork. “These are Face Motif Design works my students created for the windows of the empty Kimbrell’s building,” said Seneca High School Art Teacher Fred Edgerton. “The faces are those of my students here at Seneca High School,” added Edgerton.

The downtown art project was sponsored by the Blue Ridge Arts Center (BRAC).
“Our mission is bringing art to the people and people to the arts. To that end, we make it our goal to bring art into the local community whenever we can,” said Suzette Cross, President of the Board for BRAC.

Students made drawings on paper, using marker. The students used a variety of color and design strategies to create interesting compositions.
“Each design is unique and most of the designs were created by small teams or groups of students,” added Edgerton. ”A few were done by one student, individually. This is a project we do each year in class. We use photos of the students’ faces, then turn them into this motif design unit and they learn about color and use the color theory in a finished composition,” continued Edgerton.

In 2015, the School District of Oconee County selected Edgerton as the District’s Teacher of the Year. He has taught art for over 30 years at Seneca High School. Edgerton holds degrees from both the University of South Carolina and Clemson University.

“Fred's students provided art for the windows about four years ago, and they were looking old and nasty, so, I contacted him to see if his students would do something again,” said Cross. “I'm so glad he said yes, and I love what the students have done. I hope they feel proud when they drive by and see their faces in the window. It also is something that people driving downtown through Seneca or coming to City Hall can enjoy,” added Cross.

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