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The City Of Seneca 2014-2024 Comprehensive Plan Draft

The City Of Seneca Planning Department Presents:

The City Of Seneca 2014-2024 Comprehensive Plan Draft.

The previous decade has been one of significant flux in local, national and international settings. The emergence of new international economic powers such as China and India have also shifted the economic futures of the local area.

Once popular and profitable textile jobs have been outsourced overseas and little has come in its place in the form of economic and employment opportunity. As such, a middle class of semi-skilled and high school-educated adults who once held stable mill employment has declined. In the early 2000’s, job losses were mitigated by the growth in the building industry; that industry however, weakened with the financial crisis and economic downturn of 2008.

Locally, regionally, and nationally, the economy has shifted from a period of booming growth to recession to weak recovery. This shift has resulted from a period of housing and businesses growth flourished by an environment of liberal lending practices to a recessed economy stagnated by a more conservative use of lending capital – due in part to regulations put in place to ameliorate the effects of such economic bubbles.

While recent signs point to a slow recovery, the City of Seneca has had to look at ways to grow in spite of the prevailing economic conditions. City government has explored ways to incubate and incentivize growth and has sought new and unique opportunities to distinguish Seneca from the recent economic challenges.

As Seneca moves forward, this document is intended to help guide the growth of the city, to promote efficiency, and protect those characteristics that will distinguish Seneca and make it attractive to both new and existing businesses and lifelong citizens.

Download Complete 59 page 2014-2024 Comprehensive Plan Draft CLICK HERE.
Download Complete Future Land Use Map Draft CLICK HERE.

The City of Seneca is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan. Any citizen or stakeholder who has interest and/or comments with the update, please contact Jason Streetman, City Planner at 864-888-0878 or

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